Friday, October 3, 2008

Educational Re-entry

It was actually a completely painless process, me *actually* completing my FAFSA, getting my approvals, and officially enrolling in the Criminal Justice Bachelor's Program for Crime Scene Investigation with Kaplan College.

Did you hear me?  I'm FINALLY going back to school, and finishing that damn degree of mine - the degree that I *should* have had 6 years ago had it not been for some very unfortunate decisions on my part and some bullying on a personal level by whom I was in a relationship with at the time.  But!  I'm IN, I'm starting October 15th, and get to pick my first classes a week from today!!!!

As daunting as the concept of starting back up again has been - as I have tossed it back and forth essentially since Grey was born - I finally made that final step... and I'm actually EXCITED by the prospect of being a college student again.  The fact that I changed my major from its original Music/Psychology focus doesn't even really phase me...  I'd long since decided that THIS, being a forensic investigator, was something I could TRULY LOVE doing... and now I'll be able to.  I should even be able to walk into a rather spiffy position at LEAST by the time Greyson is enrolled in Kindergarten. =)

The books, the papers, everything - it all has this refreshing feel to it, the fact that I will be doing something to better MYSELF, and the fact that it will also make life better for my child(ren?) once I finish what I am finally starting up again.

I can't wait to speak with my advisor again next Friday... to get the books for my classes over the next few days following... 

If only school had been this exciting for me BEFORE... maybe I wouldn't have caved so easily when the choice to continue or bend to the whims of someone ELSE'S demands came before me.

At least now, I can have something entirely of my own doing to be proud of - besides my son, of course.  =)

3 Harmonizations:

Kari said...

Congratulations Larissa, that's so great!!

Valerie said...

Good luck! You sound extremely happy about this whole thing.

Oh and get your butt back to the board and give everyone there an update already. ROFL

Larissa said...

Heh... Val, I think I have lost the link to the board AGAIN. ROFL When I got the laptop, not everything transferred over - including a WHOLE BIG CHUNK of my favorites. =(

Can ya email it my way again? Or send it on Facebook?

Thanks hon!! =)