Friday, August 8, 2008

100 Things

A friend of mine just did one of these... and since I have seen them various places, I thought that maybe, since I have a few readers now (Thanks - all 6 of you! ROFL) that I would throw out a list on myself, as well...

1. My full birth name is Larissa Anne Smith.
2. I chose to take my husband's name when we got married, because I was tired of being "another Smith."
3. Now I have to deal with people TRYING to throw the Italian spin on my last name... and botching it completely.
4. About 95% of the people I know, including my parents, don't EVER call me by actual name.
5. They call me "Lari."
6. My friend Brandon started that WAYYYY back in junior high, all because he couldn't remember how to spell my whole name - so he stopped after the "i."
7. I've had ONE significant other that refused to call me Lari.
8. I think it had to do with an inner homophobia.
9. He's getting married (again) on Halloween.
10. My hair has been 9 colors over the course of my life.
11. 3 of them, bizarrely, were COMPLETELY natural.
12. I started out life as a brunette.
13. In 6th grade, my hair turned BLONDE.
14. Now it's red.
15. I think I'm a mutant.
16. Not really.
17. The very first time I dyed my hair, I used unsweetened Kool-Aid.
18. That shit does NOT wash out of towels.
19. It was Black Cherry.
20. I think my mother wanted to kill me that day.
21. That didn't stop me from doing it one more time with Kool-Aid.
22. I moved on to Manic Panic in high school.
23. I also bleached streaks in my hair the same night I bleached a very dear friend's hair.
24. We bleached it right after shaving her head.
25. Then we went to a high school dance wearing matching lingerie.
26. I think we intended on being evil that night.
27. That's right. We WERE evil that night.
28. Don't ever go to the Rosecrans Motel in IL. Even if you're just looking for someplace to party.
29. The A/C units there have the sole purpose of making you fear for your life.
30. Okay, they weren't THAT bad. But we did think it would fall out of the wall.
31. I have only actually feared for my life twice.
32. Once was during my only car accident.
33. My 6-month old car was TOTALLED by a cabbie.
34. He claimed that he had glass in his eye from hitting me.
35. There were no broken windows on his car.
36. The second time was when I woke up during emergency maxillofacial surgery.
37. They really didn't believe me when I told them that I needed higher levels of pain killers.
38. I woke up with hand-shaped bruises on my shoulders from being restrained while they upped my doses.
39. I still have 2 scars on my neck from where I had drainage tubes coming out of my face for 5 days.
40. That's the longest I have ever been hospitalized - 6 days.
41. That's also the longest I have ever been away from my son.
42. The second longest time I was hospitalized was when I gave birth to him.
43. Greyson will be 3 this November.
44. Greyson was our second choice for a name.
45. My first choice was Aiden.
46. Only a few people know the reason behind me loving that name.
47. I have some incredible memories from that time in my life.
48. I can't even think of the word ALPHABET without hearing a very twisted song in my head.
49. It has NOTHING to do with the ABC's.
50. It has a lot to do with cows and strap-ons.
51. Actually, that's really ALL it has to do with.
52. I have some demented friends.
53. They are also very treasured friends.
54. I don't see them nearly as much as I'd like to.
55. There are numerous reasons - but I love them all immensely.
56. Sometimes I really wonder how the hell we all ended up where we are today.
57. Then I realize that it doesn't matter, anyhow.
58. Sometimes I really wish certain people would be more open.
59. I think people say they understand, when really they don't.
60. I have an deep-rooted fear of loss.
61. I've found that not much I can do will affect who or what goes away.
62. I try anyways.
63. Sometimes, the only thing that connects with me is music.
64. Some of my absolute best memories have a connection to music in some way.
65. I met my husband because he was touring in the same band as my ex-boyfriend.
66. Many of my other great memories come from being in Theatre.
67. I think at least half of my friends that knew me back then got to see my mostly nude due to costume changes.
68. One of the best memories has to do with music AND theatre.
69. It's all about the Star-Spangled Banner.
70. I still tear up whenever I listen to a beautiful version of that song for this reason.
71. I also get teary while listening toMetallic's version of "Tuesday's Gone."
72. Sometimes when you're really drunk, it doesn't matter who can and cannot sing.
73. Unless you're at a Karaoke bar.
74. The last time I sang Karaoke was in Scottsdale, AZ.
75. Actually, that's the last time I sang in public.
76. That's a sad matter, since I was booked to be the opening act for "The Fourth Tenor" in Detroit before I got pregnant.
77. I think the fact that I wasn't able to do the show was the catalyst in ending a long-time friendship.
78. I can't watch a tree fall over ( or hear anyone mention a tree falling over) without practically doubling over in laughter.
79. I also have a very difficult time keeping a straight face anywhere near a Chuck E. Cheese.
80. I would have laughed at you if you told me I was going to wind up with my husband 4 years ago.
81. I *did* laugh at someone who thought I would end up with my husband 4 four years ago.
82. I think that was one of the only intelligent assumptions that person ever made.
83. That person is the sole reason why I haven't gotten my bachelors degree yet.
84. I actually miss college.
85. I've changed my major since then.
86. I think that maybe I can sing while I do forensics.
87. Maybe I'll become famous for it.
88. I doubt it.
89. I hate watching myself perform on video.
90. I actually hate being photographed, too... but it makes me sad that I don't have more photos of me with my son.
91. I don't have a lot of my old photos anymore.
92. Someone threw them away.
93. All the photos I tried to take while in Colorado came out defective.
94. The same thing happened to someone else with the same camera.
95. I *really* miss Colorado.
96. Every time I think of Colorado, I think of Indiana Jones.
97. Indiana Jones doesn't wear purple shorts, though.
98. Apparently, teachers get angry when you leave small boxes of Lucky Charm outside their hotel room door.
99. Okay, maybe only teachers that look like hairy leprechauns do.
100. Teachers who call you from China's heads blow up when you tell them that 16-year olds are claiming to have affairs with them.
101. Apparently, you can procure arsenic in liquid form.
102. If you can, it doesn't work.
103. There is one name that I will run away screaming from.
104. I should have learned from the first experience.
105. Then again, I should have known there was something wrong with a woman who wanted to be friends after her boyfriend left her for me.
106. Never give in to the temptation of a large crowd of women.
107. I just realized that I have typed more than 100 things!! LOL

Your turn!!! (GAH, did I get WAY random, or what?!?)

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