Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Thomas the Train... and the camera that looks like Thomas ran it over

We were in Rockford all weekend.  Then took a trip to Union, IL to the railway museum so the Munchkin could ride on Thomas the Train and try with every breath in his body to convince me to spend $13,485,201.17 in the gift shop tent.


But.  There's ALWAYS a but.

When I got home... the LCD viewscreen looked like I had casually laid the camera on the tracks JUST as Thomas was getting his groove on.

I don't even think that I can upload the photos to the computer... off the $200 camera that is less than a year old.

Everyone... cry with me now.

HOWEVER, I *am* ordering a new camera in the next couple days (thanks to my GODSEND of a *kinda* godmother who offered to send a check to help out).

SO, you will see pictures.  Someday.  I promise.

2 Harmonizations:

CookieMomsterNCrumbs said...

That sucks about the camera, but I cant wait to see pics. I heard great things about that place. Someday we will make it there. Oh and did you see that the Sting Rays are extended till end of Sept! This time we should try again at the main gift shop as a meeting point. ROFL Maybe a Saturday in Sept?

Larissa said...

Ooooooh, I'd SO be up for the zoo again!! Hmmm... I'll let you know about my free Saturdays. =)