Tuesday, August 26, 2008

In a world of hell and hatred...

Someone like Crystal comes along.

She's been running a "Pay it Forward"-ish contest (which quickly became a "make-every-childs-dreams-come-true" plan, which began, simply enough, with her daughter leaving her Game Boy & games at Red Robin.

There's absolutely NO way that I could summarize the process beautifully enough on my own, so why don't you check it out here: http://boobsinjuriesanddrpepper.blogspot.com/

Crystal has made my day, my week, my month... hell, maybe even my year, by granting my sweet little boy the gift of a Nintendo DS system for his upcoming birthday - one that we SO would not have been able to afford on our own, considering the constantly growing bills from car issues, medical FAILS, and just that random bottomless pit that is debt.

I have now officially named her my new Internet BFF.  Really.

Send her some love.  Send her some chocolates.  Send her your first-born... okay, maybe not that last one.  But a stripper maybe?

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