Friday, August 15, 2008

Why, oh WHY?

My mind has been running on crazy mode around here lately... besides the obvious malignant stressors that abound, I have been slowly planning Greyson's 3rd birthday - even though it's not until the end of November.


Well, with moving last year, we kinda missed out on both Halloween AND throwing him a party.

Poor kid.

So, we're taking Halloween one step further and using the costumes were are planning over again for his party.

What does he want to be?

Jack Sparrow.  Funny.  So, instead of going and being the typical choice for a POTC character (did I just use an acronym for Pirates of the Carribean?  Crap - I AM addicted), I'm going to be Tia Dalma.

So, tonight, I asked Ralph who he wanted to be... and after whining about "Why can't *I* be Jack Sparrow?" - LOL - we determined that, hey, Barbossa would work pretty well.

But not after I was reminded that he has a show on Halloween.  So I'm REALLY hoping that trick-or-treating ISN'T actually ON Halloween.

So, he's dressing up for the show.

Not as Barbossa.

But as this:

Captain Spaulding from House of 1000 Corpses & The Devil's Rejects
I *HATE* clowns.  Completely, utterly, DESPISE clowns.  They TERRIFY me to no end.
But the really frightening part??  THIS is the man behind the makeup.
Sid Haig
If you add 30 years to MetalliDad... Sid Haig IS my husband.
Note the bald head.
Note the facial hair.
Note the FRIGGIN' guitar!!
I wonder if Ralph's mom ever crossed paths with good ol' Sid...
And what, exactly does this say about me?!?   ROFL

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CookieMomsterNCrumbs said...

ROFL You're too funny. As you do POTC we do disney princesses.