Wednesday, August 27, 2008

The Irony... and The Sadness That Follows

As I am typing this, MetalliDad is in the hospital getting IV fluids and antibiotics for cellulitis in his left foot.

Now, why is this ironic, you may ask?

Flashback to Summer 2007.  I wind up hospitalized for the first time due to my back issues.
Less than 2 weeks later... HE winds up hospitalized for cellulitis and neuropathic ulcers on his feet (this was also when he was diagnosed as being diabetic with a glucose reading of 360+).

And now, of course, the 19th of this month, I was hospitalized for my back AGAIN... and now today, the 27th, HE is hospitalized for diabetic cellulitis.

Seeing a pattern here?  Me too.

Of course, the hubby's solution to the problem is for me to just stop having to go to the hospital for my back, so his feet don't get all jealous-like and feel the need to compete.  Nerd.  If only it were that simple.

Luckily, as of bedtime (since Grey *had* to call Daddy to wish him a good night), his white cell count was not indicative of anything other than a VERY mild infection... so as long as all goes well, he should be coming home tomorrow.  HOORAY!

I think that once he is home, we will have to sit down and have a heart-to-heart with some of our various body parts, demanding that, NO - hospitalization is NOT vacation... even if it DOES mean time away from home.  *sigh*

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Valerie said...

Sorry to hear he is in the hospital. I had to be hospitalized for a week for cellulitus in the foot. Went diving off the pier at Lake Michigan and scraped my foot on the rocks ( I was 15 ). Not fun!