Friday, August 8, 2008


Seeing Taggart the other night brought back a lot of memories... specifically "High School Music" memories (not to be confused with High School Musical memories... THAT I am less of an expert on!). I think I've come to the conclusion that either a) I just had some REALLY kick-ass teachers, or b) we as a group (music / theatre kids) got WAYYYY more lenieency and trust than we more than likely should have. Heh.

While thinking back on the first time I ever met Mr. Taggart, it in turn, made me think of Mr. Grosberg. AKA Grosberg. (I'm seeing a major trend in only referring to my music teachers by their last name, with no title attached. Hmm.) Grosberg was the director of my summer band camp when I was in middle school, and was the band teacher at the high school.

So, of course, even though I didn't take band anymore in high school... I still got to hang around and torture... I mean, CHAT... Grosberg.

One day, while having nothing else to do - actually, I *think* we were supposed to be working on a duet for an upcoming choral competition - the band room was EMPTY. Toooooo much can come out of an empty room. Trust me on this one.

A friend of mine and I decided it would be a good idea to turn the ENTIRE band room upside down. LITERALLY.

All but the music instrument lockers and the chalkboard that was permanently mounted to the wall was flipped on it's head - and hell, I even took the time to rewrite everything that WAS previously on that board upside down.

Music stands were precariously balanced on their trays, chairs were teepeed with legs in the air... we even went to the extent of turning all the music in the folders (and the conductor's binder) upside down.

Now, as I look back, I'm afraid that I was the immediate bad influence in this particular situation. You see, the first semester of my freshman year, my MOM taught in the same building... and for one of her co-teacher's birthday prior to the band room stunt... we turned everything in her classroom upside down and filled all the desk drawers with confetti. Lots and LOTS of confetti.

So, technically... it's my MOM'S fault. (Ha! She'll LOVE that one!)

Anyhow, I thought that Grosberg's head was going to pinball around the room after he walked into his newly-redecorated room. He literally had a tantrum... and I casually strolled out of the room, since "Hey! I'm not even IN this class! Seeeeeya!"

Yes, I am evil like that. Apparently, the first 15 minutes or so of class was spent with the students all right-siding everything in existence.

Good times.

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