Thursday, August 28, 2008

Putting My Foot in My Mouth

Okay, so how I was all "I'm in LOVE" with my new laptop??

I plugged it, loaded it up, to find LINUX installed on it.  Oh sure, it reads the memory cards all right... but you can't DO anything with the photos other than use them in a slide show.

I will be returning to Circuit City tomorrow to PROMPTLY return that blue POS and pick up a different laptop.  One that, gee, if I had actually OPENED MY EYES a looked at my other options...would have purchased initially instead of this glorified paperweight.  Though considering how much it weighs... I don't even know if it would be good for THAT, either.


I *did* happen to come across a snazzy laptop bag at Best Buy that will only cost me $15 since I still have an unused gift card to there from the beginning of the year...

Tomorrow SO better be exhalting compared to the past week...

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