Thursday, August 7, 2008


GAH. After another night of Greyson trying *desperately* to stay awake until the NEXT DAY (and nearly making it, I might add - if only he had held out for another 15 minutes!), he chose to start his day after less than 7 hours of sleep. Yes. He *is* 2, and this was his demand.

He barely ate anything for breakfast - even though he woke me by SHOUTING into my ear, "MOMMY! I'm HUNGRY! Get up NOW!!!!" Riiiiiight. Attack of the grape-sized gullet, once again, apparently.

He then spent the next 3 hours leaping from his bed to mine, over a 18" chasm, and rolling into a somersault, nearly falling off the edge of the bed, and sometimes, rolling right into the wall.

He was unfazed. He was WIRED.

After many attempts at getting him to eat, oh, ANYTHING... we broke down and went grocery shopping.

You would think that we had entered the world's largest All-You-Can-Eat buffet. (Well, I guess to him, it is.)

He INHALED a banana, a LARGE roll, a piece of string cheese, and half a bag of rice cakes. Oh. And drank half a bottle of water.

In about 90 minutes.

He *still* didn't fall asleep on the ride home.

In the midst of putting groceries away, I found him using a screwdriver (that he had moved a chair CLEAR across the room to get to) to take apart his LeapFrog Computer.

Obviously, I took it away... and then it all went spiraling downhill.

Around 6:30pm, he started screaming.  I mean, SCREAMING. 

Have you ever wondered what the approach of the Apocalypse sounds like?  My guess it that it's very similar to the sounds coming out of that 30-pound little boy.

It did not stop, not ONCE, until 7:45pm, when he passed out while SITTING UP.

I thought I could breathe then.  I was sorely mistaken...

He woke again at 8:15pm, with the words syllables being screeched out of the gaping maw that used to be his mouth being, "I WAAAANNT THE SCWEWWDRIVAHHHHH!!!!"

This was closely followed by similar demands for Propel, his Gia & Papa, a DVD, to sleep in MY bed, for me to sleep in HIS bed... you get the picture.  This phase went on for about an hour & a half, until I finally thought that the voices chanting "Run Away!" in my head were going to win. 

I took him to GRANDMA.  lol

Oh, SURE.  He was fine with her.  Because?  SHE ISN'T HIS EVIL MOMMY, apparently.  Thank goodness *Gia* spent time talking to him about how little sense it made for him to yell at his mommy for everything, when there was no connection WHAT SO EVER.


It's now midnight.  He's only been asleep for the night for... wait for it... 30 minutes.  That's right folks!  He was awake for *16 hours* with 30 minutes of a COMPLETELY fake nap.

I think we bought more alcohol at the store today.

Wait... I KNOW we bought more alcohol at the store today!

It won't be here very long... *bwahahahaha*

2 Harmonizations:

moo said...

WOW he is a handful these days, isn't he?

I wonder what he would do if you had a day of "yes"es with him. YES, you can play with the screwdriver. YES you can sleep in mommy's bed. etc. Maybe it would stun him into good behavior? I dunno.

Larissa said...

Just wait, Moo... just wait! Your's still has a year to catch up! hehe

I don't get it. Normally, he is a very sweet, loving boy - and generally listens very well... lately it's just been Greyson = mouse + hamster wheel + SPEED.

It can only get better, right? RIGHT?? lol