Saturday, August 30, 2008

My first "Laptop" blog post!

Hooray, hooray!!  I am completely and utterly in love with this thing!!!  It has a 5-in-1 media reader, so getting all of my photos on here takes NO time at all, as opposed to having to hook up the camera to the computer and go through all that jazz...

Now I just need a wireless router so I can use this puppy anywhere in the house I want.  Orrrr, I could hang at a Starbucks for a few hours at a time, with the free WiFi and all...

Anyhow, not too much to type about tonight, except I had to go with my mom and pack / unpack a shitload of stuff in her NEWEST *former* classroom.  Somebody out there has it in BAD for her, and none of us know why.

Especially since she's been in the SAME district since day one... starting teaching a *20* years old.  She has her Masters in Educational Admin.  She helped DESIGN new classrooms from the ground up - literally.  She has had her hand in creating new programs and categorical types for better reaching the students and for making the teachers more able to handle the types of children they got.  Bluntly, she is HIGHLY responsible for a SHITLOAD of things that have done nothing but make the special ed. department of our district BETTER.

But now, again, she has been put on "leave" - AKA suspension.  And NO ONE has given any answers.  They did it last year, and then made her switch schools for this year, after following a long, stretched out list of crap she had to do in order to even come back.

And now?  3 1/2 days into the school year... they did it to her AGAIN.

They only thing that we can figure is that 1- they are intimidated by her, 2- somehow or another, they don't want to pay her full pension which comes up in 2 years, especially since she will havehad *35* years in the district WITH a Masters degree, or 3- the fact that there are many times my mom needs a cane towards the end of the day, because she had *3* reconstructive foot surgeries on the same foot 3 years in a row.

Whatever it is, I for one, want to get to the bottom of it.  The new principal in the school she transferred to for this year has tried flinging "to do's" at my mom about Autism.  HELLO?  Is thing on?!?  She was the ADMINISTRATOR in charge of ALL the Autistic children in the district prior to going back to the classroom.

And if *I* happen to run into this woman... she will live the rest of her life wishing she had never met me.  I can guarantee you, from what my mom has told me she has said, that *I* have more experience working with Autistic children than that crackhead.

*AHEM*  So, what started as not much turned into quite a bit.  But I am BEYOND angry, hurt, disappointed, you name it, about this entire ordeal.

At least right now it's a "suspension with pay."  Psssshhhhhh.

Also, while we were in the school today trying to sort out what is my mom's personal belongings and what the sub that ended out her classroom last year packed that was SOOO not supposed to be packed...  I thought my leg was going to fall off because the IDIOT that literally THREW everything that *we* hadn't had the chance to pack in the interim between the end of the regular school year and the beginning of summer school --- well, this man must have thought that my family is BIONIC.  Some of these damned boxes I couldn't even PUSH...  and YES, I was actually sitting in a rolling desk chair while moving things to avoid lifting.

I'm rather kinda bummed though, because I was hoping, no PRAYING that the principal would have shown her face, just once... so I could have turned into a mushroom cloud layin motherfucker (20 bonus points to who can name that movie! LOL) right in her bitch face.

It was bad enough when the one administrator that actually took the time to "help" us asked me if I went to Waukegan High School.  If I had stitches to rip, they would have been SAYONARA!  I just looked at her and said, "Um, my 10 year reunion is next year."  What a crackhead.  Almost everyone who reads this KNOWS what I look like... well, hell, you ALL do because of my sidebar photo. Do I LOOK like a high school student?!?!  Honestly now.

So, on the upside, Mom is home all day again... for now...
Of course, who knows what kind of solution they are going to try and wing at her THIS time around.

Maybe she can just sit in an office and threaten naughty children with her cane.  OH, WAIT?  They don't do corporal punishment anymore?  Hmmm...  I do seem to remember that the size of the reprimand was only a ruler anyhow.  But kids nowadays are tougher!  Meaner!  BIONIC!

I digress.

I really had no intention of going into this much detail on this... but now I have.  And maybe I just NEEDED to.

So the pictures that WERE supposed to be in this post... yep, they'll get their very own.  Awww...

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