Saturday, August 30, 2008

All The Pretty Little Horses...

After we went to see Thomas the Train in Union, we headed out to Platteville, IL - which is ALMOST IN IOWA - to my pseudo-Godmother's husband's family farm... mainly to nab some FRESh farm grown veggies, but also to give Grey the chance to ride a horse for the first time (IF he elected to do so - he did NOT.  LOL)

I wound up staying another night in Rockford (since we didn't get back to the house until after 8pm, so Greyson got to spend more time with his cousins (all *5* of them!), and I got more ME time, since the other children range in age from 14 down to 4 1/2.  They were FABULOUS babysitters... and I don't think that Greyson even came CLOSE to breaking anything all weekend!  Hooray!

Somehow, I must have had my photography genes turned up to *11* last weekend, because the pictures of the horses?  Gorgeous.  I haven't had the chance to edit ANYTHING... because my brand spanking-new copy of Elements 6 has yet to arrive... but even fresh off the memory card, I was damn impressed with myself.

So, for the second time in one night, it's PHOTO PARTY!

Aren't they just beautiful?  If we had more time, I probably would have taken even MORE.  I *really* wish I could have gotten one of Greyson on the back of one, but once he got up to the fence and a few of them started wandering towards him... well, let's say he got a little intimidated.  LOL
On our way back to Rockford, we stopped for dinner - it was me, Grey, the pseudo-godmother, and her 3 oldest boys (14, 12, and 10).
What did they do when I wanted to take pictures of them, since it's been, I don't know, EONS since my parents had seen them??
Austin, 14... as a reference point, he's slightly taller than ME.  And I'm 5'11".  Eek.  I have photos of me holding him at his first Thanksgiving... which I of course threatened to use as blackmail someday.  LOL
This is Colton... or at least, the lower half of his face.  He actually WORE that damn sweatshirt the entire afternoon and evening... even though it was *92* degrees out that day.  What a riot.
And this, this is Preston.  By far, the most gut-busting child of the family. He's the second oldest... and apparently felt it necessary to give me some form of a "G Funk" pose for his few seconds of fame. =P
Last, but not least... I CANNOT believe I forgot to put this in the Thomas post...
One of the conductors offered to take our photo for us, so that's Diane (AKA Pseudo-Godmother), Colton (the SHYEST almost 5 year old EVER), Tianna - the POOR only girl of 5 children, Greyson, and then, well, Me... in a RARE acceptance of having my photo taken.  It was for a good cause, right?  Sure it was.  I'll just keep telling  myself that everytime I cringe at the thought of me in print yet once again.  LOL
This weekend?  Definitely NOT as exciting... unless my Photoshop software comes in.  Or we go and pick up a wireless router.  Or maybe if Greyson falls asleep before 11:30pm.  LOL  I think any of the above would make my weekend.  LOL

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Jay said...

Oh, I love the horses!! I'm in England, but recently we found a place which teaches Western riding near us. They're always so busy, we don't get over there as often as we'd like, but I LOVE it. I learned English style when I was young, but this is so much better!

Don't blame Greyson though, they are big animals. Neither of my sons wanted to ride either, though both tried it at some point.

So, you're a Depp fan, huh? Good choice!

Larissa said...

Mmm... Johnny Depp... *wipes drool off keyboard...


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