Saturday, August 30, 2008

Crystal, My Savior, My Love, and My HERO for Life

We got the package from Amazon today that contains Greyson's Nintendo DS that Crystal the Wonderwoman of the Millenium bought and mailed to him for his birthday...

I cried.  Again.

For crying out loud people, give her blog a once over!  Or better yet, just stalk it.  Daily.  Waiting for new info.  On the hour.

Okay, maybe that's just what I do.  ROFL  SO kidding.

But I do love you, Crystal.  You have given me more hope and faithin humanity in the last week than I have had in YEARS.

You are truly a godsend... and even though it's a few months away... you WILL be bombarded with photos of my little man opening his special gift.

Again, ANYTHING I can EVER do for you...  Just ask.  Your wish is my command... well, I do have a FEW lines I won't cross... ROFL!!!

YOU!  Go here NOW!
Visit the Goddess that is Crystal!!!!!!

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