Wednesday, August 6, 2008

But WHY, Mommy?!?

Argh.  I was just sitting here thinking about the probable number of times that the Munchkin has asked me "why" just in this past week alone.

I think I'm safe at rounding it out to, oh, 19,476 times.

And you think I'm exaggerating.  (Okay, maybe *just* a little.)

In all my years of teaching preschool, preceeded by volunteer work (and actual PAID work!) in Special Education for the local public school district... NEVER have I encountered a child that is so fascinated by language, especially at this young an age.

He's only 2 1/2 (okay... a LITTLE more than that - he'll be 3 at the end of November), for pete's sake!

I honestly cannot think of a single word that he connot pronounce correctly.  Of course, he still has *his* names for certain things... like Pop-Tarts.  Oh NO, they are NOT Pop-Tarts, Mom.  They are "toasty pops."  Silly boy.  I guess it makes sense when you think about it... they go in the toaster, and then 'pop' out.  I get it.  It's just cute.

But the most maddening thing by far?  This WHY tirade!  I have never been bombarded by a slew if 47 "Why"s in one sitting from a 2 year old before this child entered my life.  And the greatest part is?  HE. KNOWS. IT. ANNOYS. ME.  He'll start supressing a giggle about 5 or 6 "why"s into the conversation.  But does it stop?  NEVER!!!

For instance, one day I made a comment about a photo being taken "before you were born."  The response?  "Yes, I *was* born."

Well, yeah... that's why you're here.  But, ohhh no... it didn't end there.

"WHY was I born?"   Ummm... LOL

"Because Mommy & Daddy decided that they wanted a special little boy, just like you, to love and take care of."  Nice save there, huh?  Not nice enough for him.

"But WHY?"  Eek.

"Because we loved each other SO much, that we wanted to share that love with you, too."

A pause, as he contemplated this fact.

"You love Gia.  Gia was here before I was born."

*smacks forehead*

You see, Greyson has a *total* understanding of the fact that MY mom = HIS Gia (grandma).  It doesn't phase him one itsy, tiny bit knowing that I was once a baby, and that Gia shares 2 roles.  I will make a comment to DH about "Mom," and Greyson immediately chimes in with, "Gia?"

He *is* having a slight bit of difficulty when it comes to the concept that Gia was once a baby, too... even though he knows that Gia's mommy was *my* grandma.  Eh.  He's only 2.

The other night, we were looking through a box of photos that my grandma had, that I have now kinda inherited, since she passed away in October 2004.  There were, of course, plenty of photos of me, taken anywhere from infancy through high school.

After flipping through and minutely studying each and every one, he spoke up:

"You know what, Mommy?  I LIKE you as a baby."

"Gee thanks, kiddo.  What about liking me as your Mommy?"

"You got big."

LOVE the logic on THAT one, there, little one.  And I love you even more for having the un-jaded ability to speak so freely.  =)

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