Saturday, August 30, 2008

At least my memory card works...

That could actually be taken two different ways, so let me clarify:  Yes, my CAMERA'S memory card works, even after the viewscreen-now-broken-into-a-thousand-little-pieces fiasco.
However, my own PERSONAL memory card?  Eh, not always so good.  I've found that when an adrenaline rush kicks in while my body is trying to fight the pain... I get a little, shall we say, *off.*  I just don't feel right.  Kinda like after you get into a really big shouting match, fight, etc... and then afterwards, your adrenaline just throws your body into "whacked-out mode?"

That was me, especially today after helping Mom.  UGH.

But!  Back to the memory card... I got some of the GREATEST photos of my little man while in Union, IL at the Railway Museum.  So, it's....  SHARE TIME!!!
The little man... in his *pensive* state...
Have you EVER seen a happier child?!?
Chillin' in his "rockstar" shirt
I *really* wish he'd let me cut his hair... LOL
This happened after I told him I wanted to take another picture... LOL
Greyson & his cousin Tianna with their "Honorary Jr. Engineer" certificates
I'm riding on THOMAS, Mom!!!  It was one of those moments you can only explain as "It's Greyson."
Greyson & his cousin Quentin hanging out in the MASSIVE Thomas made entirely of Legos!
And just another picture of the best smile ever!  Is there any wonder why he makes EVERYTHING just plain WORTH IT in the end?
Of course, I have MORE... but, well, there is a point for some people that get tired of seeing photos...  LOL
Hope you all have great plans for your extended weekend!  I think I'm going to spend some time plotting out a meeting with that evil principal.  Hey, I may as well share some of my angst... hehehe.

2 Harmonizations:

Jay said...

Greyson is a cutie!!

I had one of those happy kids, it's a real joy, isn't it? Mine went through a really bad time at school from 12-16 yrs, but he got through it, and is now a happy, and truly funny, person again!

Larissa said...

It's always great when they reach the ends of those "stages" isn't it???