Wednesday, July 2, 2008

At the sound of the tone...

The time will be - 3:43 am. BEEP!

So, I have OBVIOUSLY wound up in yet another whirlwind of insomnia. Surprised? I think not.

I think I have had ONE honestly GOOD night's sleep in the last... um... 6 weeks? And the much-needed vacation from the strike that the sandman has OBVIOUSLY placed himself on only lasted a week after a good, long, HARD picketing for a solid 6 months.

Can you say sleepdeprivationohmygodineedsleep? I can. And it only makes me giggle a little. Honest.

So with this recent lack of slumber, I have decided to take my blogging PUBLIC, yo, and away from the restraints that is MySpace. I think I want to kill that website a little. Because it only lets me sign in of its OWN convenience, which is SO not on my schedule. Figures that I just recently agreed to help a friend set up a band page on there for a new band he is promoting... Ugh. Graphic design and layouts, OH MY!

I'm just a little random. You'll have to excuse the bags under my eyes for this one, everyone. I REALLY try to make sense... but when you're looking at about 20 hours of sleep a WEEK? Yeah, doesn't happen all too often.

ANYWAYS... I *did* have a point when I started this. Honest.

I'm FINALLY getting desperately *itchy* for being outdoors with it being summer and all. We still haven't taken Munchkin to the beach, and I've already threatened MetalliDad with going this weekend... 4th of July weekend... simply because I can't take it any longer. I've decided that I am *way* too pale (yes, I know... Sun = Skin Cancer... but, as twisted as it sounds, my urge to NOT be glow-in-the-dark is WAY greater than my fear of cancer. Maybe if there had ever been cancer in my family, I would re-think that, but for the time being... I NEED SUN, FOLKS.) And I am dying for a little sand between my toes. The fact that the Munchkin *loves* swimming is always a great thing, as well... =)

My biggest problem in getting OUT and about is that I *really* don't know too many people in the area with little ones... and sometimes the social scene isn't what it's cracked up to be with MetalliDad. He is NOT a nature-y, outdoors-y person, especially in the heat, and there are only so many places to go where it's not an outdoor thing, especially this time of year. I think that I *seriously* need to do some networking on the Mommy-front!

Speaking of the 4th... yes, I know, I did that, like *2* paragraphs ago... see the dark circles? Yes. Move on.
What are your plans? As it stands, we are planning on heading out to Great Lakes for their celebration, as it is the first time they have hosted one for the public in 20 years... and it's supposed to be a GREAT year! There's bands (bonus for ALL the family), and of course what's bound to be *fantastic* fireworks!

It's becoming harder to keep my thoughts straight, and I'm watching the clock tick towards "wakethehubbycmonyouneedtogotowork"... which in other words is 4:15am. So... I'm thinking I'm just gonna call it a "BLOG." Welcome!!! =P

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