Sunday, July 6, 2008

Disgusted isn't a strong enough word

For my reaction to reading this horrid story, that I found the link for on "Bane Rants":
Girl, 14, kills baby at school Teen gives birth, suffocates, drowns newborn boy
 A 14-year-old girl has been arrested and charged with murder after she allegedly killed her newborn baby in a school bathroom.
Baytown, Texas, police said the eighth-grade student submerged the 7 pound infant in a Cedar Bayou Junior School toilet and jammed toilet paper down his throat so he wouldn't cry, the Houston Chronicle reported. Police have been investigating the incident since the baby was found April 2. The baby also suffered blunt trauma to his head and neck, according to a Harris County autopsy. Gerald Yoakum, the girl's attorney, claims she wasn't aware that the baby was in the toilet because she was bleeding profusely. The teenager who claims not to have known she was pregnant wore loose clothing to hide her growing belly. "Please remember that this is a 14-year-old child who has experienced a tragic event," he wrote in a statement. Yoakum said he plans to work with authorities to ensure "only the facts, not opinons and speculations, will control this case." Her attorney said the teenager is mourning her baby's death and saw him for the first time at his June funeral. The girl named the 7-pound, 16-inch baby "Johnny." Prior to the baby's delivery, she visited the nurse's office and complained of painful menstrual cramps. The nurse gave her a heating pad and told her to lie down for a few hours before she returned to class. The teenager then went to the bathroom where she delivered the baby. When medical help arrived, they took the student to the hospital, and the newborn was pronounced dead. Medical examiners said the death was not accidental and ruled it a homicide, the Chronicle reports. Authorities say "Johnny" cried at least one time before the 14-year-old girl attempted to flush him down the toilet.
What in the deepest recesses of HELL must have been going on in this girl's mind?!? And, as a parent, HOW could you NOT notice that your DAUGHTER was, um, PREGNANT?
This is one of the BIGGEST things in life that I simply canNOT forgive or condone... any harm to a child. This includes abandonment, depravation... and obviously, goes even further. I would soon lose my own life before seeing any true harm come my One & Only. Same goes for even the *thought* of any future children I hope to have.
Even at 14, I hope that this girl is prosecuted to the absolute extent of the law. And even then, I hope someone decides to force toilet paper down *her* throat and then her face into the toilet. I don't want her to die, though. She should have to live the rest of her life knowing EXACTLY what she has done.

I have to go vomit now... and pray to the powers that be.

2 Harmonizations:

CookieMomsterNCrumbs said...

Wow what a horrible story. I know you have hate towards that girls actions ( I do too ) but she was 14 and something, someone, somewhere along the way failed her as well. What a tragic story all around.

Larissa said...

That *is* true... like I said, how could the parents of the girl not know *something* was up? It's a sad story, simply because it's something that never had to happen...