Thursday, July 17, 2008

If These Walls Could Talk...

They would apparently say some pretty creepy things.  Well, at least according to Greyson.

Tonight I *finally* got a real answer out of him as to why he doesn't want to sleep in his own bed, and why it's like torture trying to make him do it.

The walls by his bed are scary... oh, and his pillow gets too cold.  ROFL

Now, let me explain.  The walls in the basement pseudo-apartment where we live are  about 2/3 wood paneling on 2 walls, and 100% paneling on the other 2, in each room.  Not the cheap stuff - like dark stained cedar or something.  That has random "knots" in the wood all over the place, that the depth of the stain has turned black.

Apparently, Greyson is seeing faces in the patterning on the wood.  He had already pointed out to me that there is a "little boy" in the markings left from stripping the old wallpaper down (Which of course, I *still* haven't primed over to paint)... and now the "wall by his big-boy bed is scary.  It looks at him."  Sheesh.

So, I made a compromise.  I told him that we could go to the store, and he could pick out some fabric that I would drape on that wall so he couldn't see anything scary anymore, and that nothing would be able to "look at him" lying in his bed.  I also offered up to make a snuggly pillow/pillowcase from the same fabric since he said his pillow gets too cold (it's a cotton cover, and it *does* stay pretty chilly... I'd LIKE it.  Hmm.)

And that was that.  He fully agreed that if he couldn't see the wall, then it couldn't *see* him... and then he would try the "big-boy bed" again.

Now just to make sure that an entire wall of the bedroom isn't covered in Incredible Hulk fabric or something... ugh.

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