Friday, July 25, 2008

Dear Parents at the Park,

I understand that apparently, for many of you, once your child reaches the age of, oh *6* years old, you find it unnecessary to monitor them while on the playground - instead leaving them to their own devices while you "do your own thing."

I'd like to inform you that no matter how much trust you have in your child... they STILL need supervision... and just because I am there with *my* child, does not mean that I will be a stand-in for YOU with *yours*.

This evening, Grey and I took a walk to the park closest to our house (which still took us a good 15 minutes to walk to with those 2 year old feet!). There were SO many kids there... and also so few adults actually IN the enclosed playground area. Sad.

About 20 minutes after we got there... I got to witness 3 boys around the ages of 6 - 8, all PEE through the chain-link fence onto the surrounding grass. Nice.

By the way, there is a restroom about 25 feet away from where they were standing. A full-fledged BATHROOM - not even just a measly port-a-potty.

C'mon people! Where in the world are some parents getting off?!? And I will *not* fully blame the children for their behavior, simply because children learn what they live. If you can't man up enough to teach your children right from wrong, and intervene when they start to go astray... Well, you *really* don't want me to know who you are.

Because next time? I *will* open my mouth. And you will NOT like what comes out - I PROMISE you.

Things like this used to irritate me to no end even BEFORE I became a parent. But now? Now I have a little boy who has *these* children as his older peers, his possible role models... and I absolutely REFUSE to have him grow into one of the disrespectful, crude little snots that I see all too frequently while we are out and about.

Is it too much to ask that you teach your child SOME manners? Greyson? He says please, thank you, excuse me... and more. UNPROMPTED. Why? Because I have made it an integral part of his daily life from VERY early on.

While other parents apparently find no problem in letting their children urinate in public while surrounded by 20+ other children. Nice.

I think that I have determined that there are far too few people who actually PARENT instead of just PROCREATE.

Yeah, that's it.

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CookieMomsterNCrumbs said...

I hear ya. You may remember my blog about the boy peeing in the parking lot at the mall. Seriously teach your kid some manners and respect already!

Bea said...

Lovely - something to look forward to! Although, I'm sure my ability to keep my mouth shut about it may be not as good as yours? LOL

Larissa said...

Yeah... I *really* had to bite my tongue. If the parents WERE actually there... I don't think I would have been able to add my 2 cents.

Kari said...

That is just nasty! What is wrong with people lately?

Your Pal Pinki said...

I just don't get parents. We watched our kids when they were little. Now they're teens and we still keep an eye on them, but we also know they've been taught to do the right things. If they don't, they get to live the life of the Amish.

BTW, thanks for visting my blog! I'm adding you to my favs for sure!!!

Texan Mama said...

Hey Larissa, I wonder if you husband would've been there what he would've said? Lots of things I think are gross/nasty/unacceptable my husband says, "Get used to it. That's how boys are." And when I see kids being monsters, and my kids kinda stare at them like, "What's wrong with them mommy?" I use it as a good example to show them, "See, that's what a disobedient naughty child looks like. I am so proud that you don't act like that." well, usually.

thanks for checking out my blog!

ghostluver said...

Hey MM. It's me. While I am just a little wee bit on the boys side as far as the peeing goes (I have 2 grandson's and 2 grown son's) I am with you all the way on the fact that parents don't supervise thier children enough at the parks. Even naborhood parks like the ones they have in apartment complex's are over run with rude, nasty children who are uncontrolable and the parents are at home asleep or worse...Some of them are at home using drugs or alchohol and pride themselves that they don't do it in front of the children!!!! OMGosh! What a crock! And then what about the well behaved children who are at the park by themselves?! They could get kidnapped! My grandaughter's mother had started letting her go to the apartment's playground alone until I told her that I would be the one to snatch her up and never give her back. She is only 8 but looks 14 and I have seen too much about not only pediphiles but the fact that young girls (and boy)are being snatched up and forced into sexual slavery! I would be inconsolable and uncontrolable if something like that happened to my kids!

My boys were all always too shy to do the outside peeing thing but there were times when we would beg them cause there wouldn't be a bathroom around forever ...especially on long trips but they would have none of it so we would listen to them wail and cry till they either wet themselves or we got to a restroom. I suppose that I have been lucky now that I hear the way ppl feel about little boys peeing but I never would have told them that it was ok to just do it any place they felt like it. My kids never peed in pools or even They were all very aware about of cleanliness and good hygiene. This was a great article MM.

Alessia said...

It sounds like we go to the same park, except we're 1200 miles apart. You sound like another version of me, which in my book, is a total compliment.

Don't bite your tongue next time. Serioulsy. The reactions are hysterical.

(I've linked your blog to mine because I'm really enjoying reading it)

Larissa said...

Thanks to everyone who has commented! And especially to those who have now linked to me!

Hooray! =P