Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Eating on the Run...

This is Greyson's favorite method of consumption. Apparently, it is WAY too much to ask that his jaws work without his little legs simultaneously running around the room.

And once he sits down again? Yep, he stares at the food, only to cave and take another bite... and those legs start twitching again until he slips out of his chair before we can tell him to stop.

I'm thinking there might be some wiring loose somewhere... ya know, like there's a short making him have to be physically MOVING in order to get the food going.

But then. that doesn't explain why he eats an approximate 3.5847395734 times more food WHILE AT THE GROCERY STORE than he *ever* eats at home. Literally, he will REFUSE breakfast if he knows that we are headed out shopping afterwards. We have resorted to *spelling* a LOT of things around here... and even then? He usually knows what we're talking about. Damn you, Super Why!!

Does anyone else have a child that has an INSTANT metabolism - to the point where the second the food hits their tongue, it's converted into MAD energy? *sigh* Because I do. Ugh.

2 Harmonizations:

moo said...

omg, that's so funny. Whenever we go to the grocery store, Grayson thinks it's his own personal pantry and begins to ask for the things on the shelf. He gets soooooo mad if we say no!

And my Gray also eats better when moving (or in the car) I don't know what it is. Boys maybe?

Larissa said...

Possibly... I know there are some days I *enjoy* taking him to the store, simply because I know that he'll EAT!