Saturday, July 5, 2008

Happy Fourth...

Though now it's really the fifth. Hmm. Anyhow!

I hope everyone had a fun-filled, safe, and happy one. My day started pretty early, as I had grocery shopping to handle... yeah, *that* was fun on a holiday. Yikes!

We grilled up some *tasty* burgers and cheddarwurst, threw together some fresh salad (does anyone else know a 2 year old that LOVES salad? I mean, my kid would eat salad before CHOCOLATE... well, maybe not chocolate... LOL) and chowed. Good eatin!

We headed out to Gurnee for their fireworks, because my mom had read that Waukegan did theirs *last* week. Come to find out from a few people after the fact tonight that NO, they had fireworks tonight. WTF?! Oh well, regardless, it was a great spectacle, and Greyson thoroughly enjoyed himself... especially since we went for ice cream afterwards! =P

Shortly after consuming the *entire* cone... he gave me a bit of lip about not wanting pajamas, just jammie shorts so he could keep on his "skull guitars" shirt - he passed out with his head on my arm. Sleepy boy! At least I'm pretty much guaranteed that he will *not* be waking up before 8am tomorrow (today?! It's not Saturday until I sleep at least a *little* damnit) like he did this morning. Shame on him... didn't he get the memo that it was a holiday?!?

On a bit of a side note, a great friend of mine posted on her blog (Vanity & Sin) that her brother is getting ready to come home from Iraq. I couldn't be happier! Especially to find that out today of all days. I was just commenting earlier in the day that I was glad to see our neighbor's son home this 4th, seeing as though he is 4 years younger than me, and had already spent I *think* 2 years over in Iraq... so it was nice to know he was home with his family on this day that basically, besides celebrating our country's initial independance, also *kinda* celebrates our troops. They are the ones fighting for us... even if their directives aren't exactly agreeable with me at all times.

But that's an ENTIRELY different post. Do NOT get me started on anything political if you have somewhere to be, oh, in the following 3 *hours* or so. Because, boy oh BOY, I am definitely opinionated on that subject. Sheesh.

Ooh, or religion. That's another doozy. LOL

I digress... if you are reading this, then odds are in your favor that you are home, safe and sound... and that's what I had hoped. =) Have a great rest of your weekend!

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