Monday, July 28, 2008

Do NOT join my family...

If you DON'T want to have a child in November (or early December!) in the next few years!!

Apparently, there is something about being a part of my husband's side of the family that occurs, OH, around late February, early March...

I will have a new (great) niece or nephew around November 18th!!!

So, here's how it goes:
December 5th, 2004 - Carter is born (my SIL's nephew)
November 21st, 2005 - Greyson is born (MINE - duh!)
November 7th, 2006 - Nicholas is born (my great-nephew)
And now a DIFFERENT nephew's wife is due.  In November.  In our family.  Can you see a pattern here???

Everyone thinks (or hopes, is more like it!) that she is having a GIRL... but, I'm gonna lay odds on a boy.  Because?  Well, being at a family party for his side is TESTORONE CENTRAL if you look at ages 12 and younger.  HOLY MOLY.  There are *no* girls.  Period.  The youngest girl is almost 20.  ROFL  And she's the ONLY ONE.

Then you get to us *old folk*.  LOL

Can I just say that it is DAMN funny that all but *2* of my NIECES AND NEPHEWS are OLDER than me?  Yeah.  And my SIL is older than my mom.  Fun stuff, fun stuff! 

Anyhow, we went to my SIL's 50th birthday / their 25th anniversary party down in Oak Lawn today... and I brought home an exhausted, soaking-wet child from the ordeal.  Because he wanted to play on the slip-n-slide... but wouldn't take off more than his shoes and socks.  ROFL  Ah well, at least he enjoyed himself!!

So!  Happy Birthday, Barb - Happy Anniversary to you and Dom - and CONGRATS to my nephew (ROFL - he'll be *30* this year!) Allen and his wife, Brandi!  We''re all waiting for little Briana or Landon to arrive in November!!! =)

4 Harmonizations:

CookieMomsterNCrumbs said...

ROFL blame it on Valentine's Day and St Patrick's. Maybe even Easter. ROFL

Larissa said...

I just think that Greyson somehow just wanted to be a smartass even before birth and have me find out I was preggo ON MY BIRTHDAY... a mere 10 days after tying the knot.

He hasn't let up since. =P

CookieMomsterNCrumbs said...

I didnt know you found out about him on your birthday. I found out about Madelyn on mine. I got pregnant around Valentine's Day ( like February 12-14th most likely, and I found out on February 27th.

Larissa said...

Yep. Confirmation was given on March 29th... and they estimated that I got pregnant around the end of February...