Sunday, July 6, 2008

Bzz... Movie Fans with Children!!

Yes, everyone, it's that time again!  BzzAgent FrogPond is another aspect of the BzzAgent site that lists numerous websites with various services, ideas, products, etc. to review and share. 

I just came across one that I thought was *really* useful, especially being the mother of a 2-year-old movie *fanatic*!!!


Since the difference between a PG-13 and R-rated movie isn't usually very discernable (before viewing, at least), Kids-in-Mind offers a completely objective, in-depth look at the film's content. So before you watch the flick, you'll know exactly what to expect.  They base their ratings on a zero to ten scale of three criteria: Sex/Nudity, Violence/Gore and Profanity. When you read a Kids-In-Mind analysis, you'll see each rating, specific details from the movie justifying each rating, notes on substance abuse, discussion topics you should be prepared to answer questions about and the film's overall message. And we're talking seriously "no surprises" in-depth breakdowns, here. 

Avoid those uncomfortable moments. Check out and know what you're getting into... BEFORE your kid turns to you with one of those questions that leaves you looking loke a deer in the headlights searching for a way to explain it to them!!!

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