Sunday, July 6, 2008

Wow! Two Fun "Bzzzz" Posts in a Row!

So, I've just come across another interesting site in the FrogPond.


Postcrossing is designed to give people a break in the day from a mailbox full of bills and junkmail... with postcards from around the world!

When you register with this site, you only provide your address with a username - your actual name is not required *anywhere* so you retain a bit of anonymity.  Then you request an address from the site and mail out a postcard to that address, labeled with the unique ID code given to you.  Once the recipient enters the code from the postcard you sent onto the website, your address is put into queue as the next address to be requested in the system... so you will get a postcard soon, too!

It sounds like a neat idea to me, simply because you can get some fun mail from literally anywhere in the world, without having to pay an arm and a leg for travel expenses. ;)  Also, it's always a bummer for me when, after sorting through all the mail, all I have to show for it are things to be placed in the "circular file," or people wanting my money, oh, NOW.

I myself have signed up.  We'll see where this little adventure takes me!

Now, to go buy some postcards...  or maybe I'll make a few myself and take the risk of frightening whomever it is that is (un)lucky enough to be my first victim... I mean, recipient!  =)

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