Wednesday, July 9, 2008

I am sad, disgusted, disappointed...

And all-around just.. in shock?

I every-so-often check out the 'Registered Sex Offenders" list on our counties website, 1) for my own knowledge and 2) well, because I'm a parent.  There are some people in there that I *do* know, simply because of that fact that I used to be a crisis counselor at one time, and unfortunately I *did* have some clients that were rather mentally ill and had issues such as that.

However, tonight I was hit a little too close to home.

I discovered that someone, who I *literally* grew up with, as he lived next door to me from age 2 to 13, is on the list.  He was convicted of aggravated sexual assault on a 13-year-old girl, 2 months before his 19th birthday.  I honestly got instantly sick to my stomach.

The counties definition of aggravated sexual assault is "penetration" of a minor related to you, someone whom you were aware could not understand the situation or could not respond, or a youth of at least 13 years of age which you had some form of supervisory power over.

So, it's not even a case of cried statuatory rape by a girl's parents... not like at 19 you should be having any form of sexual content with a 13 year old, anyhow.

This whole thing hurts.  I was *really* close to this person growing up, and we spent many years unseparable.  We may as well have lived in each other's homes.  He didn't have the background of many, MANY offenders you find statistically... and I am left confused and heartbroken.

In addition to *that* tidbit... I also found 2 brothers that I associated with back just before high school.  Two of my *good* friends at the time dated them... and one is on the Sex Offenders list, while the other sits on the "Deadbeat Parents" list.  Nice.

I think I'd like a nice, stiff drink now.  *sigh*

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CookieMomsterNCrumbs said...

That is disapointing to hear that someone whom you had trust and faith in let you and society down in such a vile, disgusting manner.