Thursday, July 3, 2008

My Two-Year-Old Son is Channeling

A 13-year-old premenstrual girl suffering from her first heartbreak. Can anyone tell me *why*?

For the last two days or so, he has had a *serious* meltdown over everything I say, everything I do, and everything that just plain looks at him wrong. Honest.

"Greyson, please don't stand on a pile of pillows to reach the *unreachable* DVDs." Meltdown.
"Honey, would you like some smiley face potatoes?" Meltdown.
"There is a rabid snake climbing up your leg and injecting you with molten lava!" Meltdown. Okay, I haven't said *that* to him, but from his reactions to normal, everyday things lately - I may has well have.

Is it just because he's 2 1/2? Or is there something *else* going on that he just can't quite put words to? Mind you, he is one of *the* most vocal youngsters I have ever encountered, even in all my years of teaching early childhood - but it just hasn't been explainable beyond "Aaaaaaaahhhhhhhh! Leave me alone! Don't touch me! You can't see me! (when he's doing something he shouldn't) Aaaaaaaaahhhhhhh!" And believe me, the transcription is *much* more pleasant than the live version.

We have been through the entire list of "Does ____ hurt?" and every answer has been an emphatic no. I thought *maybe* his tummy was bugging him, since he actually woke early this morning just to go #2, and gave him some acidophilus tablets... so that's not it, either. It just seems like he *really* wants to left to his own devices, as nefarious as they are, and for me to turn a blind eye to EVERYTHING he does. Because really, it's OKAY to do that with an imaginitave 2-year-old boy with a penchant for technology. YIKES.

I'm glad tomorrow is a holiday. Because that means that the OTHER parent can help me fend off some of these Xanax-inducing spells. *sigh*

2 Harmonizations:

Laura said...

Do we have the same son? Must be because they are the same age, so it must be a 2-1/2 thing. Please tell me it is over by 2-3/4... LOL!

Larissa said...

Ohhh, I *sincerely* hope that it is over soon. He is normally such an agreeable kid, and lately? Eh, not so much - to say the LEAST.

Good luck to you, Laura! I know that if Kyle is acting like Grey, you need it as much as I do!! =*