Friday, July 11, 2008

So we got rained out...

At the beach.  Which was fine anyways, since Greyson only lasted about 10 minutes in the water... he started kicking and splashing - and then the water started "fighting back."  The waves were knocking him down repeatedly, and it just plain freaked him out and pissed him off!  So, the slight drizzle that started when we got there - which rather quickly turned into a slight *downpour* -didn't ruin our attempt, at least!

My mom *did* get a couple pictures... but apparently she is one of the worst photographers ever created.  By the look of the pictures, I'm amazed that I have so many good ones of *me* from childhood!!  But then again, I think my dad handled the photography back then.

I'm going to try to edit some of them later on to see if they are salvagable, and if they are, they will be here...  *if* they are.  =P

Luckliy, we did manage to get in lunch at "Dockside Dogs" prior to the actual "water" experience of the beach, and Greyson managed to eat some *not* cut-up hot dog, which amazed me, seeing as though, well, 2-year old.  And of course, I was watching like a hawk since it was a hot dog and all.

He says he had fun, even though he was scared, and that he's willing to try again another time.  Which is great... he's actually been *very* willing to try new things, and even give them a try a second time around if the first shot wasn't all he thought it would be.  Which means he actually may be learning that different tries means different outcomes, etc.  I'm so proud of all that he has accomplished even in just the last 6 months or so.

One thing that has amazed me is that I know a number of psychologists, namely child / school psychologists... and every single one has been amazed at how young he is compared to all he can do.  I've heard the comment more than once about how he talks more and has a better vocabulary than most of the kindergarteners they work with.  Which, well, WOW.  I know my kid talks up a storm, but that puts him way above the cut. 

I have a feeling he will be following a *bit* in my footsteps... =)  I just hope that he isn't plagued with the INCESSANT perfectionism that I had while younger.  Yikes.

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