Wednesday, July 2, 2008

I'd simply like to announce

I would simply like to announce the fact that I am *very* proud of the turnout of some of my photographic conquests while taking photos for MetalliDad's band(s). Here are some of the most recent that I really just kinda stopped and thought, "Wow," over... especially since I can't exactly ask them to *hold a pose* in the middle of a concert performance!!!

What do *you* think?

2 Harmonizations:

Da Hubby said...

Metallidad? Shouldn't it be "Beastdad"? Okay, maybe'd have WAY too much fun with that one, I

Larissa said...

Ummm... MetalliDad doesn't necessarily refer to any specific BAND... just the metal reference. Besides which, I coined it WAY back at the beginning of my MySpace blog, so there. =P