Tuesday, July 8, 2008

So I'm Having ANOTHER Sleepless Night

And this time it out of sheer PAIN.  It started this morning when I took it upon myself to lift, literally, *5 pounds* of weight off to my right side... and immediately felt SEARING pain shoot all the way down the right side of my back and *explode* in my SI joint area.  SO not cool.

Then, this evening, Greyson took it upon himself to push my head to the right side via my jawline... which to the average joe, not too bad.  However, every time I turn my head back and forth (and it has been this way for a LONG time), it sounds like I have Rice Krispies between my cervical vertebrae.  YUM.  Makes you wanna go grab a bowl, huh?  Anyways, his seemingly small act erupted into an *immediate* migraine.  Yikes.

Whereas the migraine has faded a *bit*, the added pain in my back is NOT any better than it was earlier... and has made changing positions *and* any pressure on it, well, pretty near excruciating.  So...  it looks like I will be waiting for MetalliDad to get up for work before attempting to sleep, simply so I can have more room in the bed to try and get comfortable in.

God, I HATE nights like these.  C'mon insurance... Momma needs some MASSIVE medical workovers!!

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